Air filtration and purification


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Humidification improves air quality and occupant comfort in winter. Certain types of heating have a negative effect on the humidity level inside your home. We recommend adding a humidifier to your central system for precise humidity control.

Dry air aggravates certain health problems, and you may benefit from using a humidifier. Consult one of our experts to find out more.



Pipe cleaning

Visionair CLimatisation with the collaboration of their partner, offers you a professional duct cleaning service to ensure good air quality and optimal air distribution.

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Good to know:

The frequency of cleaning depends on a number of factors. The following factors should be evaluated to determine the optimal frequency:

Following renovations
The number of occupants in the home
The presence of smokers in the home
The presence of shedding pets
If any of the occupants have allergy or asthma problems
Before occupancy of a new home.


A breath of fresh air for every room in the house

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