LogisVert program

Various measures for better consumption

Heat pumps: some stand out.

Among the range of efficient heat pumps, some offer better performance in very cold weather. These are very high efficiency heat pumps.

  • They enable:
    • save up to 40% on electricity bills during heating periods;
    • and

    • mitigate electricity consumption peaks during periods of high demand. An advantage that benefits all customers.

As part of the LogisVert program, this type of heat pump is eligible for financial assistance of $120 per 1,000 BTU / h at -8 °C and $140 per 1,000 BTU / h at -8 °C, if its installation is combined with caulking work.

Financial assistance to remove your oil furnace or boiler

Financial assistance

Use our calculator to estimate your future savings and how quickly your investment will pay for itself.

Amount of Chaufez vert financial assistance for the conversion of a central heating system by type of dwelling

Type of home Mazout léger Propane
Detached house 1 275 $ 850 $
Semi-detached or row houses 875 $ 650 $
Mobile home 1 075 $ 600 $
Duplex or Triplex 875 x number of eligible units 650 x number of eligible units
Multi-unit residential building 550 x number of eligible units 225 x number of eligible units

* A dwelling is considered eligible if it is heated by the fuel system to be dismantled.

City of laval

Replacing an oil-fired heating system

Amount of subsidy

The amount of the grant varies according to the type of building.

Type de bâtiment Funding
Oil-only system Dual-energy system (using fuel oil)
Single-family home 2 000 $ 1 000 $
Semi-detached or row 1 400 $ 700 $
Mobile 1 700 $ 850 $
Condominium 1 400 $ 700 $
Duplex or triplex 1,400 / eligible dwelling 700 / eligible dwelling
Buildings with 30 units or less 900 / unit (up to 20) 450 / unit (up to 20)
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