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Residential air conditioning, heat pump system

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Ductless system (air conditioning, heat pump)
  • Best system for home without a central system
  • Air conditioning unit for all types of residence (condo, house, single family home, cottage).
  • System will be installed in the main room of the house except for cottages where it will be installed in the stairwell.
  • Energy Cost Savings
Central System
(air conditioning, heat pump and heating)
  • All year comfort: air conditioning during the summer, heating during the winter.
  • Cools down and heat all rooms.
  • Duct installation is necessary.
  • Energy Cost Savings.
  • Possibility to add humidification system and air exchanger.
To maximize the performance of your devices
  • Use a programmable thermostat.
  • Keep all windows and door closed when you use your air conditioning.
  • Reduce the use of machine generating heat (range, dryer etc.)
  • Make sure sunlight does not come inside the house.
  • Use your machine only in hot summer period.
  • When temperatures fall, make sure to use outside fresh air.
  • Reduce to its minimum the use of bathroom and kitchen fan.